Confidential Candidate Snapshot

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Kendra Paolitto

Executive Recruiter





  Do you like double digit growth year after year?




 >   Increased revenue over 3OO% and EBITDA in excess of 100%


 >  Secured sales contracts and partnerships with 2O + of the largest domestic healthcare systems

 >   Managed over 11,OOO accounts fo healthcare, academic & associations.


 >  Obtained sales & service agreements for marquee sports leagues (e.g., MLB, & Olympics)



And More:

  • Directed R&D and achieved FDA DeNovo clearance for 4 MedDevices / business lines including telemedicine and clinical tools to provide data to healthcare providers.

  • Created shareholder value and led sale of company


Unparalleled success with three interrelated career strands

Proven metric-driven Ph.D. leader with product and business growth in Healthcare Technology & Software as a Solution.  Extensive interfacing with national & regional associations and organizations.

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Our candidate is a repeat performer across industries to position your company for value creation & growth