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You’re looking for a recruiting partner that understands your business and can build an entire team or add just the right individual contributor.  Our extensive candidate research will bring you both the leaders in the marketplace and -- our specialty -- finding that untapped hidden talent.


We provide retained and contingent search engagements.  We also offer flexible pricing plans to meet the needs of growing businesses.


We work with a diverse group of clients ranging from startups and global tech companies to publicly traded organizations.

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Are you looking to use your talents in ways that make a difference? You may be an AI expert -- or a professional in another field -- interested in applying your skills in an environment that will make an impact in improving people's lives.  


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Our Approach

How we are different!

Cognitive Recruiting Solutions is the singular recruiting firm of its kind that intertwines expertise in top-line technical/biopharma/engineering talent acquisition together with cognitive/ intellectual & neuropsychological assessment and practice.  Adding to this is a deep knowledge base in hierarchical learning and information processing which allows us to match candidates and clients in an unparalleled manner.  


We recruit exclusively in AI and its related enterprises.  From our initial employer search assessment to the candidate's start date and beyond, our proprietary recruiting process combines the expertise of seasoned AI recruiters and cognitive/neuro-psychologists who have extensive scholarship in intellectual assessment (IA), gifted & talent identification, advanced interviewing techniques, interpersonal leadership assessment, and personality & behavioral profiles.


You can be assured no candidate and client will be better sourced or matched with each other to make tailored contributions to your company.  


Cognitive Recruiting Solutions:  Bringing Real Intelligence to Recruiting!


We match candidates and companies who want to save lives and improve health utilizing AI/VR.

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