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 WE ... are in the business of finding real smart people:  individuals who are intellectually gifted, incredibly creative and results driven.  We make matches between these exceptional candidates and innovative companies who believe in changing the future while utilizing data and AI
“for good”.


Our Vision

We are helping trailblazing companies grow as they utilize data in novel ways:


We envision the candidates we bring to our clients utilizing data & Machine Learning to discover revolutionary treatments, and even cures, for cancer and Alzheimer’s. 

We see you improving

brain tumor treatment

and discovering hidden

diseases, as the

scientific endeavors of

AI are made to appear

as miracles to those who

will ultimately benefit! 


You are already detecting diabetic retinopathy, missed by other technologies, with software trained by an algorithm. 


Massive biomedical, clinical and patient data sets are being used to draw conclusions and accelerate drug discovery.

We embrace the scientific possibilities of how AI and data, the cloud, imaging and medical devices have the power to make people’s lives better.

Why us?

As individuals we have built teams, companies, and programs through the people we have brought into them. We understand how important it is to get a great new hire on your team to take the ideas, vision, & passion you have for your business to the next level.  We are here to work strategically for you and deliver results, so you can do what you do best -- innovate and grow.


We have on the ground experience working with companies and candidates in Silicon Valley, New York City, the Boston 128 corridor, Metro DC and everywhere else.

   Recruiting Focus



  • Biopharma

  • Medical Devices

  • Genomics

  • Imaging

  • Clinical Informatics


We recruit where data & AI intersect with

  Medical & other Life-Saving Technologies:


We find, attract and hire:



Machine Learning Engineers

Biological Scientists

Executive Leadership

Sales Executives

 Software Engineers

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