WHAT's in it for you?

Cognitive Recruiting is the singular company of its kind that intertwines over twenty years of top-line technical/biopharma/engineering talent acquisition together with decades of experience in cognitive/intellectual & neuropsychological assessment and practice.  Adding to this is a knowledge base with strong theoretical underpinnings in hierarchical learning and information processing, ultimately allowing us to match candidates and companies in an unparalleled manner.

We have been recruiting exclusively in AI since 2015 (a lifetime in this field).   
From our initial employer needs assessment to the candidate start date and beyond, our proprietary recruiting process combines the expertise and extensive experience of a seasoned AI recruiter with cognitive and neuro-psychologists with decades of practice in:

  • intellectual assessment (IA)

  • personality and behavioral profiles

  • gifted & talent identification

  • advanced interviewing techniques

  • interpersonal leadership assessment

  • You can be assured no candidate and client will be better sourced or matched with each other to make tailored contributions to your company.   




Cognitive Recruiting:  Bringing Real Intelligence to recruiting

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